Personal Injury Law

Products Liability

What types of problems cause product liability actions?

Most product liability cases arise because of manufacturing defects, design defects, and failure to warn consumers of possible harm. A manufacturing defect means that a single product was produced in a faulty manner that makes it prone to cause injury. For instance, let’s say a manufacturer produces 1,000 lawn mowers and 998 operate perfectly. However, in the building process, two lawn mowers were not put together properly. Those two lawn mowers have a manufacturing defect.

A design defect is different. This means that the product itself is flawed in its creation. A lawn mower with a design defect means that all such mowers have the potential to cause harm because of an inherent flaw in the creation of the product. Take the example of a swimming pool that places the diving board near a sloping floor that is not deep enough for divers. This design defect means that a certain number of divers will hit their heads on the pool floor when they dive into the pool.

The last type of defect results from a failure to warn consumers of possible harm that can result from foreseeable misuse of the product.


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