Math in Engineering

Basics of Engineering

How are studies of fluid mechanics used today?

The list of engineering uses of fluid mechanics in the modern world seems endless— and no wonder, since it is one of the most widely applied areas of mathematics and engineering. Some of today’s uses of fluid mechanics in various fields include: understanding the movement of molten (liquid) rock, or lava, in volcanic eruptions; studying the flow of air over objects to help design airplanes, the space shuttle, and even spacecraft that fly through the atmospheres of other planets; air flow studies in the automobile industry to design cars with more aerodynamic profiles; analyzing the ups and downs of the stock market; examining natural hazards, such as snow conditions that result in an avalanche; interpreting turbulent flow in sewer and water pipes, and in river channels; studying complicated flow of weather patterns in the atmosphere; researching the effects of gravity (and other) waves in space; and using fluid mechanics applications to study the deep oceans and coastal shorelines, including waves and currents.


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