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What are some common types of computer software programs?

There are many types of computer software—too many to mention here. Simply put, software is a set of programs, procedures, algorithms, and their documentation. The following lists the most common ones most of us are familiar with if we own any type of computer technology:

Application software—Application software includes what the user can use— mainly programs that help with word processing; it’s also included in software important for video games.

Programming language—These software offerings keep your computer going and are the heart of all computer programs.

Testware—Testware is used to test hardware or other software programs.

Device drivers—These devices are controlled by computer software programs, such as your disk drive, printers, and CD/DVD drives.

Firmware—Firmware is considered “low-level” software stored on electrically programmable memory devices; it is usually treated like hardware, hence the name.

System software—This is the software that runs your computer operating system.


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