Math in Computing


What are some modern computer games?

There are a plethora of computer games out on the market. Two of the more popular ones are video games and personal computer games. Video games are electronic games that allow the user to interact with an interface—most often visual feedback on a video device (a computer screen). They are played on a platform, or your personal computer or a video game console. Most games have an input device, such as a handheld joystick or button on a mouse. One of the most popular video game consoles is called PlayStation, a brand offered by Sony Computer Entertainment. It also has a PlayStation Network, an online service with over 69 million users around the globe, and includes a store and a social gaming network.

A personal computer game, or PC game, is a video game played on a single personal computer. Older personal computer games were slower and less visual. The more advanced personal computer games are offered on DVDs and CDs, through online downloads, or even streaming services. They are then downloaded into a person’s computer. Because of their more powerful design and processing needs, they also typically require certain specialized hardware to play, such as a special graphics processing unit for 3-D games.


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