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What are some other examples of dissection puzzles?

There are several other example of dissection puzzles, including the following:

  • The haberdasher problem: Puzzle inventor Henry Ernest Dudeney (1857–1930) of England was instrumental in developing many more puzzles than the cryptarithmetic puzzle described above. One of the most famous of his geometrical puzzles is the “haberdasher’s problem,” which asks how an equilateral triangle can be cut into four pieces and reassembled to form a square. (His model used hinges that would move the pieces into place.)
  • Pythagorean square puzzle: In this dissection puzzle, the two squares on the left are combined to form a single large square on the right.
  • T-puzzle: The T-puzzle is a dissection puzzle that forms the letter T. Four pieces are used to create the capital letter.


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