Recreational Math

Mathematical Games

What is a game?

A game is a recreational activity that involves a “conflict” resulting in gains and losses between two or more opponents (although some games can involve one player acting alone). In general, all games must have a goal that the players are trying to reach, and the opponents must follow strict, formal rules that determine what the players can or can’t do within the game. If any of the rules are broken during the game, it is often referred to as a foul—or, at its worst, cheating.

The study of games is also a branch of mathematics and logic that is called game theory. In game theory, games can be simple and solved with mathematics that result in a complete “solution” (result of the game). It also includes the analysis of more complex games, such as cards, chess, and checkers, and can even be applied to real-world situations in economics, politics, and warfare.


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