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What other web-based magazines also often contain mathematical content?

As with print magazines, there are many web-based magazines that often contain mathematical news or content. The following lists just a few (notice most of these sites are science-oriented):

A site sponsored by television’s Discovery Channel. It often carries stories about mathematicians or applications of mathematics in science.

Eureka Alert

This website is a global news service sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Mathematics is included under its “News by Subject” section.


This website is sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, which focuses on science and often mathematics.

Science Daily

This daily science journal covers the latest in the sciences—and often mathematics. Mathematics is listed under the “Topics” section.

What are some “worthwhile-to-peruse” math websites?

The following are some math websites to bookmark because you’ll be using them again and again. These are great resources, very extensive, with clear and accurate explanations for children and adults:

Cool Math

A math site for young students interested in learning more about mathematics. It includes everyday math, lessons, a dictionary, and references.

Kids Math Games

A math site for young students that comes complete with math games and interactive learning activities. It’s very user friendly and extensive.


Math Cats provides playful explorations of important math concepts through games, crafts, and interactive projects; it includes a magic chalkboard and an art gallery.

The Math Forum

This site, operating under Drexel University’s School of Education, provides mathrelated materials, resources, activities, and educational products. There is even an opportunity to have your questions personally answered by “Dr. Math®.”


An extremely comprehensive and interactive mathematics encyclopedia, developed over ten years using input from mathematicians. The site is continuously updated, so everyone from the casual student to the seasoned professional will find something of interest here.

S.O.S Mathematics

A math study site containing more than 2,500 pages, ranging from algebra to differential equations. Geared towards high school and college students, but equally useful to adults.


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