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What prefixes define the powers of ten?

Many standard prefixes are used to represent powers of ten, most of which are employed quite frequently to express various units. We are all familiar with some of them, including kilo- (from the Greek chilioi, or “a thousand”), milli- (from the Latin mille, or “thousand”), and micro- (from the Greek mikros, or “small”). The following chart defines some prefixes representing the powers of ten:

Multiple Name
1018 exa
1015 peta
1012 tera
109 giga
106 mega
103 kilo
10 deka
102 hecto
10-1 deci
10-2 centi
10-3 milli
10-6 micro
10-9 nano
10-12 pico
10-15 femto
10-i8 atto


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