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Where can I get an undergraduate degree in mathematics?

Finding a college or university offering an undergraduate degree in mathematics is not difficult. Almost every college in the United States offers such a degree, even at liberal-arts-oriented institutions. The major dilemma is easy to see: Which college or university does one choose to obtain a degree?

Although the choice is up to the individual, there are ways to winnow down the vast numbers of schools. One way is to study the curriculum offered by a college’s mathematics department. For example, if the student wishes to go into statistics, explore those colleges with a good reputation in statistics by looking up information about the department and by talking to other mathematicians—or even students—in the field. Several mathematical organizations also offer help with one’s undergraduate choice. For example, the American Mathematical Society offers a web page to help potential undergraduates called “Undergraduate Mathematics Majors,” found at Also check out The Princeton Review, which offers a good website listing undergraduate schools that offer mathematics—and what to expect if you decide to choose a mathematical career. To find out more information, go to:


A mathematician is just one of many possible careers involving mathematics. There are a number of resources you can explore to learn about math career options.


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