Middle Eastern Mythologies

Mythology of Babylon

How did Marduk Defeat Tiamat?

Marduk approached Tiamat and filled her gaping mouth with wind so that she could not devour him. He then shot an arrow into her great belly and threw her body onto the ground. Out of Tiamat’s body he created the world. He divided her body into two parts, setting up one half as the sky, the other as earth. Her head became a mountain, her eyes the Tigris and Euphrates, her breasts the hills of Babylon. Marduk instructs Ea to make humans out of the dead Kingu’s blood. The humans would do the work that the gods would otherwise have to do.

Finally, Marduk established Babylon and its temples as the seat of the gods. His temple—perhaps the Tower of Babel—would be the most important one.


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