Roman Mythology

Latins, Etruscans, and Archaic Rome

How did the Romans incorporate Etruscan and Latin mythology?

The most important incorporation was of the prophetic traditions symbolized by the Sybilline Books and the traditions of divination that prevailed in Rome throughout its history. As for deities, in some cases it is difficult to know whose gods came first. Did the Romans adopt the Etruscan gods or did the Etruscan gods simply become Roman ones? We know that the Etruscan Uni was the Roman Juno, that Tinia was the Roman high god Jupiter, that Turan was Venus, Nethus was Neptune, and Turms was Mercury. And did the Roman Jupiter descend from the Latin Jupiter Latiaris and Diana from the Latin Diana Aricana, or did both the Etruscans and the Romans and other Latins take their gods from those of the Greek colonists in the south?


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