Egyptian Mythology

The Egyptian Pantheons

Usually mythologies have Earth Mother goddesses and Sky Father gods. Why in Egyptian mythology is the god Geb depicted on the ground while the goddess Nut arches over him as the sky?

Nut is always called a protectress. She protects the sun god Ra; she protects those who have died and are entering the heavenly world; she protects the dead and resurrected Osiris, her son. Sometimes she is depicted as a cow—like another great goddess, Hathor—or as a sow with udders toward which those below reach up for nourishment, making her position above the hungry earth logical. One can assume that Nut is an ancient goddess representing a religion in which goddesses were not subservient to gods. This tendency in religion is reflected in the relatively strong position of women in Egyptian society and in a movement during various periods toward matrilinealism.


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