The World Myth

War in Heaven and the Creation

What are some examples of the animistic creation via the dismemberment of a world parent?

The Baylonian god Marduk defeats the ancient Mother Goddess Tiamat and dismembers her body, turning her body parts into an animistic world. The Norse gods, led by Odin, do the same thing with the androgynous giant Ymir. In the Vedas, the Purusha, the primal man, is sacrificed to become creation, his mouth becoming Brahman. A Chinese equivalent to Purusha was Pangu, the offspring of Yin and Yang, who emerged from the cosmic egg and whose body became the source of an animistic world. The Zulu Unkulunkulu’s body, too, was the world, as was that of the Iroquoian Sky Woman.

A Babylonian artwork shows Marduk defeating the Mother Goddess Tiamat.


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