Norse Mythology

The Norse Creation Myth and Wars in Heaven

What is the myth of the binding of Loki?

Realizing how angry the gods were over his role in the death of the much-loved Baldr, Loki realized he must go into hiding, away from Asgard. Hiding in a deserted area of Midgard, Loki’s fear of being found by the gods grew day by day until he decided to use his trickster shape-shifting talents to turn himself into a salmon. But Odin could see all things from his position as All Father in Asgard, and he sent a party of gods to capture the renegade. The gods made many attempts to capture the Loki-salmon in a net they had made for the purpose, but eventually it was Thor who grasped the fish as he flew upstream over the net. Then the gods bound the trickster to three slabs of rock with the entrails of his own son and placed a snake over his face so that its venom would drip on his face until the end of the world.

The trickster god Loki is punished by the gods of Asgard in this 1900 engraving by Louis Huard.


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