Roman Mythology


Who were the Indo-Europeans, and what was their mythology?

The Indo-Europeans were peoples who had perhaps once spoken a common language (Proto-Indo-European), and who migrated into India, Iran, Anatolia, and Europe probably during the middle of the third millennium B.C.E. Eventually various languages evolved from the original language. By the seventh century B.C.E. in Italy there is written evidence of an Italic Indo-European language, the ancestor of Latin and later the Romance languages. Various connections between the languages of India and Iran and those of Europe—including Italic and Latin and the Romance languages, as well as the Germanic and Celtic languages—have been discovered by scholars. Connections between gods and themes of Vedic mythology in India and those of Greek and Roman and other European mythologies of people speaking Indo-European languages. This suggests an original Indo-European mythology based on powerful sky gods, warrior heroes, male-subjected but sometimes violent goddesses, and a generally patriarchal warrior-based vision of the world.


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