Our Financial Mindset

How do we attract wealth in our life?

We have to look first at our attitudes toward money, and understand how these attitudes contribute to our financial situation today. By recognizing these attitudes we can see which ones are helping us, and which ones are blocking our goals. We simply have to change some of our beliefs about money and finances in order to begin to attract wealth. Our imagination is very important. In fact, it is our imagination that drives our desire to buy things, since we have a mental picture of the new car or cell phone that we want, we see images of it in commercials, our friends talk about it, and then we buy it. The trouble is, it’s a little more difficult to imagine a pile of money 20 years from now that we will use to pay for our kids’ tuition. So we have to teach ourselves how to imagine personal financial goals, and actually visualize them. We have to give ourselves permission to be wealthy, that it’s not something reserved for some other people, that it includes all of us. By having a vision of what it feels like to have wealth, it makes us more able to use behaviors and see opportunities that create wealth. Some people think of wealth like water, something that flows to you. If you begin to act as if you already have financial security and have the discipline to meet your goals, financial security will happen.


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