Surviving Financial Crises


Isn’t bankruptcy going to ruin my credit rating?

If you are sitting in bankruptcy attorney’s office, more than likely your credit scores have already been ruined, since you have been behind in payments over a long period of time. So, actually, when you file for bankruptcy, you are already on your way to good credit scores because under Chapter 13 you have created a payment plan, and under Chapter 7 your debts are already discharged, and companies are more likely to begin to extend credit to you. Since the accounts are older than your filing date, they will be removed prior to the seven year period that it takes for the court filing to expire within the credit reporting company’s system. If the accounts were not delinquent when you filed for bankruptcy, they will be discharged in seven years.

Bankruptcy filings have been up dramatically in the United States since 2008. Many people have lost their jobs and their homes.


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