New Philosophy

Buddhism and Confucianism

What is the school of thought of Buddhism?

The general structure of Buddhism as a school of thought is based on a religious belief in reincarnation, which is known as “the wheel of life.” The spiritual ideal is for the individual to stop being reincarnated by adopting behavior with the correct karma, or consequences. The wheel of life is propelled by the flame of desire. The main obstacle to Enlightenment is thereby identified as desire: desire for people, money, power, fame, objects, and anything else. By following the Eightfold Path, a practitioner will snuff out his or her “flame” of desire and no longer need to return to this earth.

There are three precepts or self-evident truths: that all life is unhappy or unsatisfying, that all life is impermanent, and that there is no eternal or even permanent self or soul. From these precepts, the Eightfold Path manifests itself: right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration, right views, and right intentions.


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