Skeptical and Natural Philosophy

Michel De Montaigne

What was some of the Catholic response to Martin Luther’s dogmatism?

The Catholic response was to question whether Luther really had any knowledge at all and to emphasize the importance of Christian faith. Gentian Hervet published a 1569 edition of Sextus’ Hypotoses, specifically as a cure for dogmatism, which would lead to serene confidence in the Church’s doctrine of Jesus. Portuguese philosopher and physician Francisco Sánchez (c. 1551–1623) developed Pyrrhonic skepticism as a criticism of Aristotelianism in Quod Nihil Scitur (1576). (Although in his arguments for nominalism, combined with empirical observation, that led him to conclude that knowledge itself could not be obtained, Sanchez was closer to Academic than Pyrrhonic skepticism.)

The philosopher Francisco Sánchez is portrayed in a 1979 bank note from Portugal (BigStock Photos).

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