Analytic Philosophy

Hilary Putman

Who was Hilary Putnam?

Hilary Putnam’s (1926–) extraordinarily productive career has encompassed metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of language. He began to flourish in the philosophical generation after W.V.O. Quine (1908–2000), becoming a professor at Harvard in 1965. He collaborated with Quine on the ontology of mathematical entities and agreed with him about the analytic-synthetic distinction. In collaboration with his wife, Ruth Anna Jacobs, he helped revive late-twentieth century interest in the work of John Dewey (1859–1952). Putnam has also revived interest in William James’ (1842–1910) work.

Putnam’s major publications include Mathematics, Matter and Method, Philosophical Papers, vol. 1. (1975), 2nd ed. (1985); Mind, Language and Reality, Philosophical Papers, vol. 2 (1975); Meaning and the Moral Sciences (1978); Reason, Truth, and History (1981); Realism and Reason, Philosophical Papers, vol. 3 (1983); The Many Faces of Realism (1987); Representation and Reality (1988); Renewing Philosophy (1992); and Pragmatism: An Open Question (1995).


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