Neoplatonism Through the Renaissance

Medieval Philosophy

Who were the Encyclopedists?

They were scholars who attempted to systematically present all of human knowledge at their time. Chief among them were Boëthius (480–c. 525) of Italy, whose work went far beyond the alphabetized speculations of the other two who best represented this period: St. Isidore of Seville (560–636) and The Venerable Bede of Britain (674–735). Both Isidore and The Bede were clerics who devoted their lives to ecclesiastical service. Isidore compiled Etymologiae (or Origines), which was a systematic presentation of all available learning during his time and endured as a textbook in church schools for hundreds of years. The Venerable Bede was best known for his histories, particularly that of Britain. The next real philosophical luminary was Johannes Scotus Eriugena (c. 815–877).


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