When and where will there be total lunar eclipses for the next few decades?

The following table shows the date and location of future lunar eclipses.

Date Where Eclipse Will Be Visible
June 15, 2011 South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia
December 10, 2011 Europe, East Africa, Asia, Australia, Pacific, North America
April 15, 2014 Australia, Pacific, Americas
October 8, 2014 Asia, Australia, Pacific, Americas
April 4, 2015 Asia, Australia, Pacific, Americas
September 28, 2015 Eastern Pacific, Americas, Europe, Africa, Western Asia
January 31, 2018 Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia
July 27, 2018 Asia, Australia, Pacific, Western North America
January 21, 2019 South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia
May 26, 2021 Asia, Australia, Pacific, Americas
May 16, 2022 Americas, Europe, East Asia, Australia, Pacific
November 8, 2022 Americas, Europe, Africa
March 14, 2025 Americas, Europe, Africa
September 7, 2025 Pacific, Americas, West Europe, West Africa
March 3, 2026 Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia
December 31, 2028 Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia
June 26, 2029 Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Pacific
December 20, 2029 Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East


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