Center of Gravity

Where is the center of gravity of a person?

The center of gravity of a person depends on how that person’s weight is distributed. The distribution is typically different in adult males and females. Males have more upper-body mass while females have more mass in the hip region. A male’s center of gravity is about 65% of his height while that for a female is about 55%.

Try this. Stand facing a wall with your toes against the wall. Now try to rise to stand on your toes. Can you do it? Standing on your toes moves your point of support in front of your center of gravity, so you will tip backwards. If not against a wall, how can you stand on your toes? You naturally move your arms forward or bend forward to move your center of gravity forward.

If you stand with your back against a wall, can you bend forward so the trunk of your body is horizontal? Most likely if you’re male you will tend to fall forward, while if you’re female you are more likely to be successful. Again, the question is whether or not the center of gravity of your body is above your point of support—in this case your toes, or in front of it.


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