The Psychology of Everyday Life:Love, Marriage, and the Baby Carriage


How does love differ for lovers, family, and friends?

Is love the same for different kinds of relationships? Do we love different people differently? Research suggests that the feeling of intimacy, emotional connection, and closeness is central to all types of love. What may differ across relationships is the degree of passion, as well as the level of commitment. We can speculate that all love relationships would have high levels of intimacy; romantic love would have high levels of passion; and familial and long-term romantic relationships would have high levels of commitment. In fact, Sternberg and Gracek found that the intimacy component of love cut across all close relationships, with similar ratings for family, friendship, and romantic relationships. In a 1985 study by Keith Davis, spouses or lovers did not differ that much from close friends on liking (similar to Sternberg’s concept of intimacy), but did differ on loving (which they conceptualized as liking plus passion and commitment).


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