What are some examples of thought disorder?

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Chapter Abnormal Psychology: Mental Health and Mental Illness

Listed below are quotes taken from writings from individuals suffering from mental illness. Each quote illustrates a specific form of thought disorder.

An example of looseness of association (characteristic of schizophrenia) from a woman suffering from this disorder:

  • Princess Lella The Hon Dona Sultana Maharajah Imperatrista Malkah Mal-kahtzedek Anna Renee’ Jerusalem Tizyona Shoshanah Shekhinah Shiloh (Shilo, Silo, Shai Lo, Shello) Malkiyah Malkit Tifarah … Bat David BatRabin Golai Bernadotte, Duchess of Padborg, Duchess of Varmland, holy one of The Most High, wife of Dom Sultan Prince Pasha Maharaja Tzar Melech Maluch Malkitzedek Charles-Philip Edmund Bertil Nikolai Golai Moses (Moshe) Tiferet Maschiach Ben David Bernadotte, Of Sweden, Duke of Varmland, Duke of Padborg, THE ROYAL FAMILY OF ISRAEL, … THE OFFICIAL ROYAL QUEEN AND KING OF ISRAEL….
  • Court TV, by not covering my story, is clearly telling its viewers that corrupt police officers are more important than the true heroes’ families, families of those that gave their lives in the line of duty. Court TV knows that in the same way that two brave officers walked out of the 70th precinct if Court TV gave my story the same amount of time as the chicken’s head, that there would be good honest law enforcement officers that would volunteer their own free time to get the evidence to arrest my father, knowing the donation that will be made and the new trend that could get started..
  • If you’re a bad cop, you’ve got a friend: Court TV. If you’re a good cop, you’re worth less than a chicken’s head..
  • McDonald’s employees are for the most part hard-working students who don’t carry guns. They are far more likely to be victims like the Wendy’s employees than to be a victimizer. Corrupt cops, on the other hand, do carry guns and I suppose that Court TV reporters don’t have the backbone that reporters had in the past. One would think given the months I have walked around New York with my picket sign, that some good lawyers and doctors would have approached me and offered their services. One would think that there would be some good honest lawyers and doctors that would want to help the homeless and abused and police and firefighters widow and children fund.


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