Brain and Behavior

The Major Structures of the Brain

What are the regions of the brain and their functions?

Brain Area Major Function
Cortex or Neocortex Perception, Action, and Cognition
Frontal Lobe Intentional Action and Executive Functions
Parietal Lobe Touch, Taste, Spatial Processing, Attention
Temporal Lobe Hearing, Language, Memory, Object Recognition
Occipital Lobe Visual Processing
Limbic System Emotion and Motivation
Amygdala Emotional Reactions
Cingulate Gyrus Emotion, Attention and Cognitive Functions
Hypothalamus Coordination Mental & Physiological Processes
Hippocampus Memory
Basal Ganglia

(Globus Pallidus, Putamen, Caudate Nucleus)

Automatic Behavioral Sequences

Brain Stem (Pons, Medula Oblongata)

Basic Physiological Processes: Digestion, Respiration, Cardiac Function
Cerebellum Motor Coordination and Balance


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