Psychological Development Across the Lifespan

Toddler Years

What are the typical stages of language development?

The table below outlines the typical times that language skills develop:

Age Skill
2 months Cooing—producing vowel sounds (“Oooh”)
4 months Babbling—consonant-vowel combinations (“Ba ma”)
7 months Babbling—with sounds of native language
10 months Sound and intonation of native language (“Ba MA ba ba”)
1 year First words (“Mama,” “Papa,” “No,” “Shoe”)
2 years Vocabulary of 200 words, two-word utterances, telegraphic speech
  (“Want juice,” “Mommy up!”)
3 years Sentences
4 years Grammatical sentences, often with mistakes (“I holded the bunny”)
6 years Vocabulary of 10,000 words


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