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What is the difference between D-love and B-love?

Maslow also distinguished between two different kinds of love. D-love or deficiency-love refers to a kind of grasping, possessive love. In this state, we cling to the loved one out of desperate dependency and see the loved one as a means to fill come kind of deficiency in ourselves. B-love, or being-love, reflects a love based on full acceptance of the other person. In B-love, we love other people simply for who they are and not for what they can do for us. Naturally, B-love is seen as the healthier and more sustainable kind of love. Maslow was very focused on the importance of rising above selfish desires in order to embrace other people for their own sake rather than as means to a goal. Interestingly, Maslow described his own mother as an extremely disturbed woman who was incapable of valuing anyone for any reason outside her own personal agenda.


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