Religious Beliefs

What do Christians believe about God?

God is first of all creator and sustainer of all that is. Lord of time as well as eternity, this Supreme Being is ceaselessly active in human history. Beginning with the divine labor of fashioning the universe, God has provided ongoing guidance and deliverance for all who believe in providence. Christians, like so many other religious people across the globe, sometimes have difficulty reconciling their belief in a God who is good and just with the undeniable evidence of cosmic evil and injustice. In general, Christians believe that God creates all possibilities, good and evil alike, but allows, rather than actively causes, evil actions. At the center of Christian theology is the doctrine of the Incarnation, according to which God the Son (Jesus Christ) came into the world, fully immersed in suffering and evil, in order to redeem humankind from sin by dying on the cross and rising from the dead. In the most vexing kind of paradox, the God-made-man Jesus Christ suffers and dies for human beings, who are in turn his murderers. According to Christian belief, God is “triune,” three equal Persons in one deity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—and the Son is at once wholly human and wholly divine. The Holy Trinity represents perfect transcendence and perfect immanence. In other words, God is both infinitely beyond the realm of human experience and immediately accessible to all who seek divine aid.


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