Religious Beliefs

What is meaning of the concept Three Bodies of the Buddha?

Related to the grand cosmological conception of the “three realms,” the concept of the “three bodies” (trikaya) of the Buddha evolved as a way of explaining how the spiritual entity called the Buddha-nature could transcend all earthly realities and at the same time manifest itself in the world. Pure Buddha-nature existed in the Dharma-Body and was personified as the Primal or Universal Buddha. Living in various heavenly abodes that made up the Bliss-Body were the five principal “meditational” Buddhas, one ruling the center and four ruling the paradises at the four cardinal points. Transcendent Bodhisattvas assisted the celestial Buddhas in the work of salvation through grace. Involved in earthly affairs were the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas who entered history in the Manifestation-Body, subjecting themselves to time and change out of compassion for all suffering beings.


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