Minerals, Metals, and Other Materials

Rocks and Minerals

Besides the Cullinan diamonds, what are the largest precious stones?

The largest ruby is a 8,500 carat stone that is 5.5 inches (14 centimeters) tall, carved to resemble the Liberty Bell. The largest star ruby is the 6,465 carat “Eminent Star” from India that has a six-line star. The largest cut emerald was found in Carnaiba, Brazil, in August 1974. It is 86,136 carats. A 2,302 carat sapphire from Anakie, Queensland, Australia, was carved into a 1,318 carat head of Abraham Lincoln, making it the largest carved sapphire. “The Lone Star,” at 9,719.5 carats, is the largest star sapphire. The largest natural pearl is the “Pearl of Lao-tze,” also called the “Pearl of Allah.” Found in May 1934 in the shell of a giant clam at Palawan, Philippines, the pearl weighs 14 pounds, 1 ounce (6.4 kilograms).


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