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What are some economically important angiosperms?

Angiosperms produce lumber, ornamental plants, and a variety of foods. Some examples of economically important angiosperms are:

Common Family Name Genus Name Economic Importance
Gourd Cucurbitaceae Food (melons and squashes)
Grass Poaceae Cereals, forage, ornamentals
Lily Liliaceae Ornamentals and food (onions)
Maple Aceraceae Lumber and maple sugar
Mustard Brassicaceae Food (cabbage and broccoli)
Olive Oleaceae Lumber, oil, and food
Palm Arecaceae Food (coconut), fiber, oils, waxes, furniture
Rose Rosaceae Fruits (apple and cherry), ornamentals (roses)
Spurge Euphorbiaceae Rubber, medicinals (castor oil), food (cassava), ornamentals (poinsettia)


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