Physics and Chemistry

Chemical Elements

What are the transuranic chemical elements and the names for elements 102 to 109?

Transuranic elements are those elements in the periodic system with atomic numbers greater than 92. Many of these elements are ephemeral, do not exist naturally outside the laboratory, and are not stable.

Elements 93 through 109
Element Number Name Symbol
93 Neptunium Np
94 Plutonium Pu
95 Americum Am
96 Curium Cm
97 Berkelium Bk
98 Californium Cf
99 Einsteinium Es
100 Fermium Fm
101 Mendelevium Md
102 Nobelium No
103 Lawrencium Lr
104 Rutherfordium Rf
105 Dubnium Db
106 Seaborgium Sg
107 Bohrium Bh
108 Hassium Hs
109 Meitnerium Mt
110 Darmstadium Ds
111 Roentgenium Rg
112 Copernicium Cn


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