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What is the national flower of different countries?

Country National Flower
Argentina Ceibo
Australia Wattle
Belgium Poppy
Bolivia Cantua buxifolia
Brazil Cattleya
Canada Sugar Maple
Chile Chilean bellflower
China Narcissus
Costa Rica Cattleya
Denmark Clover
Ecuador Cinchona
Country National Flower
Egypt Lotus (water lily)
England Rose
France Fleur-de-lis
Germany Cornflower
Greece Violet
Holland Tulip
Honduras Rose
India Lotus (Zizyphus)
Ireland Shamrock
Italy Lily
Japan Chrysanthemum
Mexico Prickly Pear
Newfoundland Pitcher Plant
New Zealand Silver fern
Norway Heather
Persia Rose
Poland Poppy
Russia Sunflower
Scotland Thistle
South Africa Protea cynaroides
Spain Pomegranate
Sweden Twinflower
Switzerland Edelweiss
Wales Leek


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