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What is the phobia of the number 13 called?

Fear of the number 13 is known as tridecaphobia, tredecaphobia, or triskaidekaphobia. Persons may fear any situation involving this number, including a house number, the floor of a building, or the thirteenth day of the month. Many buildings omit labeling the thirteenth floor as such for this reason. A phobia can develop for a wide range of objects, situations, or organisms. The list below demonstrates the variety:

Phobia Subject Phobia Term
Animals Zoophobia
Beards Pogonophobia
Books Bibliophobia
Churches Ecclesiaphobia
Dreams Oneirophobia
Fish Ichthyophobia
Flowers Anthophobia
Food Sitophobia
Graves Taphophobia
Infection Nosemaphobia
Lakes Limnophobia
Leaves Phyllophobia
Lightning Astraphobia
Men Androphobia
Money Chrometophobia
Music Musicophobia
Birds Ornithophobia
Sex Genophobia
Shadows Sciophobia
Spiders Arachnophobia
Sun Heliophobia
Touch Haptophobia
Trees Dendrophobia
Walking Basiphobia
Water Hydrophobia
Women Gynophobia
Work Ergophobia
Writing Graphophobia


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