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What names are used for groups or companies of mammals?

Mammal Group Name
Antelopes Herd
Apes Shrewdness
Asses Pace, drove, or herd
Baboons Troop
Bears Sloth
Beavers Family or colony
Boars Sounder
Buffaloes Troop, herd, or gang
Camels Flock, train, or caravan
Caribou Herd
Cattle Drove or herd
Deer Herd or leash
Elephants Herd
Elks Gang or herd
Foxes Cloud, skulk, or troop
Giraffes Herd, corps, or troop
Goats Flock, trip, herd, or tribe
Gorillas Band
Horses Haras, stable, remuda, stud, herd, string, field, set, team, or stable
Jackrabbits Husk
Kangaroos Troop, mob, or herd
Leopards Leap
Lions Pride, troop, flock, sawt, or souse
Mice Nest
Monkeys Troop or cartload
Moose Herd
Mules Barren or span
Oxen Team, yoke, drove, or herd
Porpoises School, crowd, herd, shoal, or gam
Reindeer Herd
Rhinoceri Crash
Seals Pod, herd, trip, rookery, or harem
Sheep Flock, hirsel, drove, trip, or pack
Squirrels Dray
Swine Sounder, drift, herd, or trip
Walruses Pod or herd
Weasels Pack, colony, gam, herd, pod, or school
Whales School, gam, mob, pod, or herd
Wolves Rout, route, or pack
Zebras Herd


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