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What names are used for juvenile animals?

Animal Name for Young
Ant Antling
Antelope Calf, fawn, kid, or yearling
Bear Cub
Beaver Kit or kitten
Bird Nestling
Bobcat Kitten or cub
Buffalo Calf, yearling, or spike-bull
Camel Calf or colt
Canary Chick
Caribou Calf or fawn
Cat Kit, kitten, kitling, kitty, or pussy
Cattle Calf, stot, or yearling (m. bullcalf or f. heifer)
Chicken Chick, chicken, poult, cockerel, or pullet
Chimpanzee Infant
Cicada Nymph
Clam Littleneck
Cod Codling, scrod, or sprag
Condor Chick
Cougar Kitten or cub
Cow Calf (m. bullcalf; f. heifer)
Coyote Cub, pup, or puppy
Deer Fawn
Dog Whelp or puppy
Dove Pigeon or squab
Duck Duckling or flapper
Eagle Eaglet
Eel Fry or elver
Elephant Calf
Elk Calf
Fish Fry, fingerling, minnow, or spawn
Fly Grub or maggot
Frog Polliwog or tadpole
Giraffe Calf
Goat Kid
Goose Gosling
Grouse Chick, poult, squealer, or cheeper
Horse Colt (m.), foal, stot, stag, filly (f.), hog-colt, youngster, yearling, or hogget
Kangaroo Joey
Leopard Cub
Lion Shelp, cub, or lionet
Louse Nit
Mink Kit or cub
Monkey Suckling, yearling, or infant
Mosquito Larva, flapper, wriggler, or wiggler
Muskrat Kit
Ostrich Chick
Otter Pup, kitten, whelp, or cub
Owl Owlet or howlet
Oyster Set seed, spat, or brood
Partridge Cheeper
Pelican Chick or nestling
Penguin Fledgling or chick
Pheasant Chick or poult
Pigeon Squab, nestling, or squealer
Quail Cheeper, chick, or squealer
Rabbit Kitten or bunny
Raccoon Kit or cub
Reindeer Fawn
Rhinoceros Calf
Sea Lion Pup
Seal Whelp, pup, cub, or bachelor
Shark Cub
Sheep Lamb, lambkin, shearling, or yearling
Skunk Kitten
Squirrel Dray
Swan Cygnet
Swine Shoat, trotter, pig, or piglet
Termite Nymph
Tiger Whelp or cub
Toad Tadpole
Turkey Chick or poult
Turtle Chicken
Walrus Cub
Weasel Kit
Whale Calf
Wolf Cub or pup
Woodchuck Kit or cub
Zebra Colt or foal


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