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Why is seven considered a supernatural number?

In magical lore and mysticism, all numbers are ascribed certain properties and energies. Seven is a number of great power, a magical number, a lucky number, a number of psychic and mystical powers, of secrecy and the search for inner truth. The origin of belief in seven’s power lies in the lunar cycle. Each of the moon’s four phases lasts about seven days. Life cycles on Earth also have phases demarcated by seven, such as there are said to be seven years to each stage of human growth. There are seven colors to the rainbow; and seven notes are in the musical scale. The seventh son of a seventh son is said to be born with formidable magical and psychic powers.

The number seven is widely held to be a lucky number, especially in matters of love and money, and it also carries great prominence in the old and new testaments. Here are a few examples: the Lord rested on the seventh day; there were seven years of plenty and seven years of famine in Egypt in the story of Joseph; God commanded Joshua to have seven priests carry trumpets, and on the seventh day they were to march around Jericho seven times; Solomon built the temple in seven years; and there are seven petitions of the Lord’s Prayer.


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