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When and where will the next ten total solar eclipses occur?

The next total solar eclipse in the United States, August 21, 2017, will sweep a path 70 miles (113 kilometers) wide from Salem, Oregon, to Charleston, South Carolina. Below is a list of the upcoming solar eclipses across the world.

November 13, 2012 Australia, Pacific Ocean
March 20, 2015 North Atlantic Ocean
March 9, 2016 Indonesia, North Pacific Ocean
August 21, 2017 United States
July 2, 2019 South Pacific, Chile, Argentina
December 14, 2020 South Pacific, Chile, Argentina, South Atlantic
December 4, 2021 Antarctica
April 8, 2024 Mexico, central United States, eastern Canada
August 12, 2026 Arctic, Greenland, Iceland, Spain
August 2, 2027 Morocco, Spain, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia


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