The Warren Court (1953–69)

Racial Discrimination

Did the Warren Court issue other desegregation decisions outside of the school context?

Yes, the Warren issued numerous desegregation decisions not involving schools. Some of these included:

Turner v. City of Memphis (1962): Restaurants and restrooms in the Memphis airport must be integrated.

Bailey v. Patterson (1962): No state, including in this case Mississippi, could pass a law mandating racial segregation of interstate and intrastate transportation facilities and carriers.

Watson v. City of Memphis (1963): Memphis could not delay in integrating its public parks.

Evans v. Newton (1966): A public park in Georgia had to be integrated even though the land for the park had been willed by someone who specified that the land was to be used by whites only.

Lee v. Washington (1968): The U.S. Supreme Court struck down an Alabama law requiring segregation of races in prisons.


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