The Atmosphere


What are some other named winds and where are they located?

There are many regions of the world that experience regular winds that have distinctive characteristics, such as wind direction, temperature, and humidity levels. Including some of those already mentioned above, here is a list of the popular names people give to their local winds.

Common Names for Local Winds

Wind Name Location Winds From
Chinook Western U.S. West
Santa Ana Southeastern U.S. Northeast
Norther Central U.S. North
Papagayo Mexico Northwest
Norte Mexico North
Terral Western South America Northeast
Virazon Western South America Southwest
Zonda Southeast South America Northwest
Pampero Southern South America Southwest
Mistral France North
Bise Germany North
Bora Eastern Europe Northeast
Tramontana Eastern Europe North
Levanter Italy, Spain East
Leveche Western Sahara, Spain South
Chili Western Sahara Southwest
Gibli Western Sahara Southwest
Leste Western Sahara Southeast
Harmattan Western Sahara Northeast
Sirocco Central Sahara South
Khamsin Egypt, Sudan South
Haboob Sudan Southwest
Berg South Africa Northeast
Shamal Middle East Northwest
Seistan Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan North
Nor’wester India, Pakistan, Afghanistan Northwest
Karaburan Western China Northeast
Buran Siberia, Central Russia Northeast
Purga Siberia, Eastern Russia Northeast
Bohorok Malaysia, Indonesia West
Koembang Indonesia West
Brickfielder Southeastern Australia North
Southerly Buster Southeastern Australia Southwest


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