Weather Fundamentals


What are some other terms using the prefix “iso-” that meteorologists use?

“Iso-” is a handy prefix that means “the same” or “equal” (from the Greek “isos”). The following terms all take advantage of this Greek route.

Iso-Term Meaning
Isobar Equal change in air pressure
Isobathytherm Equal depth in water having the same temperature
Isobront Equal amount of thunder
Isoceraunic Equal number of thunder storm events
Isochasm Equal frequency of observing the Aurora Borealis
Isochrone Equal time for the same occurrence of an event
Isodrosotherm Equal dew point temperature
Isogon Equal wind direction
Isohel Equal sunshine
Isohume Equal humidity
Isohyet Equal rainfall
Isokeraun Equally intense thunderstorms
Isometrics Equal lines of elevation
Isoneph Equal cloud cover
Isonif Equal snowfall
Isopectic Places where winter frosts and ice form at the same time of year
Isopleth Any equal line of something
Isopycnal Equal air density
Isoryme Equal incidence of frost
Isotach Equal wind speed
Isothere Places where average summer temperatures are the same
Isotherm Equal air temperature


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