Weather Fundamentals


What are the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP)

Part of the National Weather Service, the National Centers for Environmental Prediction include the following centers:

  • The Aviation Weather Center for monitoring weather conditions that could prove hazardous to airplane and space flights.

  • The Climate Prediction Center is focused on how climate affects the country, as well as on short-term climate changes.

  • The Environmental Monitoring Center is a research center studying ways to improve weather-related sciences, including climatology, hydrology, and ocean weather prediction.

  • The Hydrometeorological Prediction Center provides rain forecasts for the upcoming week.

  • The Ocean Prediction Center is responsible for issuing ocean weather warnings in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans north of the 30th degree parallel.

  • The Space Weather Prediction Center warns of weather conditions on Earth and in space that could put space missions at risk.

  • The Storm Prediction Center keeps a watchful eye on tornadoes, hurricanes, and other hazardous weather within the lower 48 U.S. states.

  • The Tropical Prediction Center monitors tropical weather systems within the United States, as well as surrounding regions.

The National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) research facility in Norman, Oklahoma, is shown in this circa 1970 photo. (NOAA Photo Library, NOAA Central Library; OAR/ERL/National Severe Storms Laboratory)

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