Atmospheric Phenomena


Who are some of the unluckiest people when it comes to being struck by lightning?

U.S. Park Ranger Roy C. Sullivan (1912–1983) survived being struck by lightning seven times between 1942 and 1977. This Virginia ranger was hit once in a car, once in a truck, once while fishing, once while camping, once in his own front yard, once in a ranger station, and once while on top of a lookout tower. Years after his death, he still holds the dubious honor of being the “Human Lightning Rod.”

In another peculiar case, a Midwestern family has had numerous members struck by lightning. One woman had been struck by lightning twice—in 1965 and 1995—her grandfather was killed by a 1921 lightning bolt, while her great uncle was also killed in the 1920s; her nephew was temporarily blinded when he was hit; and she also had a cousin who was less seriously injured while holding an umbrella in a storm.


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