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Build Your Own Survivor Team

Zombie survival is all about planning, so use the chart below to help assemble a team with the right skills to stay alive when the world goes to hell. If you don’t know people who fit into these roles, get out there and meet them.

The Ministry of Zombies recognises ten distinct survival profiles which should be covered to give any group the best chance of survival. Of course, some skill sets may be covered by one individual, such as a skilful mechanic who is also adept at battling the dead. However, ensure that key skills are spread across the group. For example, everyone will need to be able to wield a hand weapon and it will be useful if the whole team can pitch in making your home base safe. So, if necessary, audit the skills of your group and arrange training sessions to develop the skills you will need to survive. Don’t panic if you don’t have everything covered, but do take the time to work on any gaps.

As a final note on roles, it may be a good idea not to tell the person you have labelled ‘first to die’ as it may impact on their morale and ironically end up getting them killed sooner than they would otherwise have been.

Starting a Zombie Neighbourhood Watch (ZNW)

Creating a zombie neighbourhood watch group is a great way to protect your local area against the walking dead. Like a regular neighbourhood watch group it will involve meetings, agreeing a rota of patrols and communicating with your local law enforcement agencies.

You can begin the process with a friendly letter to all of your neighbours. It is often useful to include the phrase ‘Have you ever worried about how you would cope if the zombies attacked our quiet road?’ You’ll be surprised how many people haven’t given it a lot of thought. Set a date for a ‘kick off’ meeting and start getting organised. On the agenda should be an audit of the skills you have within the group, a discussion of your defensive plans as well as an educational session using the content from this volume. Feel free to photocopy the pages you need for any neighbourhood watch work. Finally, it may be an idea to produce anti-zombie hats and stickers to help give a community feel to the whole venture. You can then sit back and watch the price of local homes soar as word gets out that your neighbourhood is ‘zombie prepared’.

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