the FIGHTER quiz
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1. Which statement would best describe your attitude towards unarmed combat against the zombies?
Unarmed combat against the dead is never safe but I’m ready to smash some brains if I need to
I am Chuck Norris – the dead must fear me
My weekly aerobics class means I’m light on my feet and ready for action
I prefer hand to hand combat, it’s more fun
2. Your perfect weapon against the zombies is:
My trusty fruit peeler, I never leave home without it
A sturdy clubbing weapon so I can easily destroy the zombie brain
I never carry weapons, I’m a pacifist
My lucky golf club
3. Which of the following is a recognized unarmed combat move for use against the dead?
The Queensberry Blast
The Jackie Chan Spin Kick
The Hickory Nut Crunch
The Old Eye Poke
4. How do you ‘kill’ a zombie?
Cut off its rotting head then dance a victorious jig
Humiliate it with my razor-sharp wit
Send it a strongly worded letter
A powerful blow to the head to destroy at least 80% of the brain
5. In zombie combat, what does STENCH stand for?
Style, Technique, Ego, Nails, Charisma and Happiness
Saliva, Teeth, Energy, Nails, Ceaseless and Hunger
It’s something to do with bad smells and infected blood
Is it Beyonce’s new single?

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