the FORAGER quiz
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1. Which of the following steps would be the best home defence improvement you could make to secure your home against zombies before the dead rise?
Create a delightful gazebo area with decorative water feature
Set up a family of gnomes in your front garden in ‘fishing scene’ diorama
Place furniture against every door
Get double glazing installed, reinforce every door and create a fortified safe room on the upper floors
2. When collecting food and supplies, which items should be top of the list?
Durables which are versatile and are going to last such as pasta, powdered milk, white rice and dried apple slices
A KFC Bargain Bucket with an extra bottle of drink
One loaf of crusty white bread, two cans of tomato soup and a ready washed salad
Crackers, just crackers – I love them with a bit of cheese – which I intend to make myself
3. Which of the following statements best describes foraging?
Taking supplies from other survivors by force on every occasion
Quietly stealing supplies from other groups when they’re not looking – if they don’t notice then there’s no problem
Sourcing and procuring reasonable levels of resources from your surrounding area to ensure the survival of yourself and your group
Collecting a small quantity of unidentified red berries then swearing to everybody that they’re safe to eat
4. Which of the following are useful rules when out foraging in zombie-infested areas?
Never wear a denim jacket with jeans – denim and denim never works and the end of the world isn’t an excuse for poor fashion sense
Make a list of what you require, scout carefully, don’t overload yourself and focus on less popular locations such as warehouses rather than supermarkets
Take giant bags and an empty shopping trolley. Get as much as you can, you can figure out how to get it back to base later on
Arrive early for the best bargains, be cautious of 3 for 2 offers and always use coupons if you have them
5. Which of the following are not steps in the Zombie Travel Safety Code?
Be ready – have a small bug-out bag, a weapon and always know where your safe locations area
Landscape – always look for alternative escape routes, scout thoroughly and be cautious
First Contact – hide, take out or run, out foraging for supplies you need to think fast
Sleep – be on the lookout for cozy corners where you can grab a quick snooze, chances are nothing will go wrong – even the dead have to sleep

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