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Walking in a World of the Dead

Travelling long distances on foot will be the norm in a world dominated by zombies. Sure, it would be safer going by car, but with blocked roads, burnt-out buildings and collapsed bridges in many cases travel by foot will be the only way. Even when you can use a vehicle, there will be times when you need to leave it to forage within a building or to reach a trapped survivor elsewhere. Your fitness regime will help ensure you have the fortitude for long walks, but here are some guidelines to help you prepare for the pleasures of walking in zombie town. In terms of preparation, start with long walks as part of your training and try to complete at least one 6 to 8-mile walk on top of your normal physical training.

Just remember that you will only move as fast as your slowest survivor. So, if you have the elderly or people overloaded with supplies, you will not only be slower, you may also lose the dynamic ability to respond to zombie attacks. Our main advantage over the dead is our speed and agility – don’t negate these or you risk getting eaten.

Feel the need for speed?

Assuming you don’t have access to a car or that the roads are so choked that you can’t get off the drive, there are still some alternatives to travelling on foot but you should always take into account that high speed travel and zombies don’t mix well! Here are a few modes you may want to consider:

  • Bicycles – a decent mountain bike could be a great way to get around once the zombies arrive. You can add panniers to carry supplies in and you would easily be able to outrun any zombies.
  • Roller skates – are you insane? Unless you are a skilful skater – the type that parades around the park in a crop top during summer doing sweeping spins, be very cautious of donning your leotard and skates because of the sheer lack of control.
  • Motorcycles – now we are talking – just imagine surviving the end of the world on a cool chopper bike with your weapons strapped on your back. An all-terrain motorbike would be required, not just a street racer.
Correct footwear

Believe it or not, a good pair of broken-in walking boots could save your life. If you start to slow down with blisters then you will become a target for any dead in the area.

Snack Radius

Be aware of your snack radius at all times. Keep to the middle of roads where you can and away from blind corners or trees. This can help minimise the risk of a zombie clawing out from nowhere.

Bug-out bag

Carry a scaled-down version of your bug-out bag, even if you are just out foraging. Be equipped with the essentials you need to survive for 24–48 hours away from your main site.

Training is important

You should be able to complete up to a five-hour trek per day and be able to sustain this for up to five days. This is a general guide but should be your target in your fitness training.

Eyes Around

Every few minutes or so, carry out a slow turn as you walk to scan 360 degrees to check whether there are any zombies who may be stumbling after you. This is a well-known military patrol technique.

Run and Hide

If you are cornered or become trapped while out walking, find a safe place to hold up and run silent. If necessary, this could involve you running silent for up to 48 hours so take a book in your pack.

Early Starts

Try to get started as soon as there is daylight. Darkness is not your friend as zombies have an excellent sense of smell and the lack of light will make your walking route more dangerous.

Always be Armed

Never be without your weapon. Trekking poles have proved to be very poor when it comes to bashing zombies as many are now made of light fibreglass.

The right Pacing

The average zombie will not be able to keep up at only a brisk walk and it will conserve your energy. If you exhaust yourself, the dead will just keep coming and you could be overwhelmed.

Mrs Woodford’s Zombie Guide to Dogs
Step 1
Training to smell

Train your dog to smell zombies by finding a rotting body part and make the dog familiar with the smell. Do not be alarmed if the animal nibbles it, they will not develop the zombic condition.

Step 2
Smelling the dead

Now hide a dead zombie and see if the dog can find it. Use short phrases such as ‘where’s the zombie boy?’ to alert the dog that they must scan for the telltale scent of a walking corpse.

Step 3
Walkies for the dead

Experiment with some brisk walks in areas where you know there are rotting corpses. Ensure that you pass within yards of the rotting bodies and allow your canine to pick up the scent and alert you to their presence.

Step 4
Out and about

Now when the zombies arrive you will be ready. Remember to carry a firearm and continue to congratulate your dog on each ‘spot’ they make. Be aware that in areas covered with the dead, the strong scent may confuse your dog.

Canines are by far the best pets to train for anti-zombie work and it is rumoured that the Chinese Red Army makes extensive use of specially bred Chow Chow dogs to support their anti-zombie patrols. These dogs are not used to attack the dead, simply to alert their human partners that the undead are near. To date, only dogs have proved capable of anti-zombie activity although there is some interesting work being done in Northern England with ferrets.


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