the Z-PREPPER Master quiz
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1. My perfect zombie survival team would include:
Plenty of experienced lawyers, as proper legal representation is important in all circumstances
A balanced group of skilful survivors, including myself as leader, some skilful fighters as well as a medic and other specialized roles
A few reality TV stars and enough talent to create a new boy band
Fighters, only fighters, I don’t need anyone else
2. What is the 90 day survival plan?
Is it some kind of diet where you can only eat rice and peas?
It’s a structured survival plan designed to cater for your food and security needs during the first 90 days of the zombie apocalypse
It means I carry 90 days of supplies in my man-bag/handbag, including all the food and water I need
It a special insurance policy which guarantees your survival during a major zombie outbreak and includes a free pen on sign up
3. You find yourself away from home during a zombie outbreak, which of the following locations would be the best survival location?
A church – a good service and a few hymns will see off the zombies
A hospital – there’s sure to be plenty of help available even when it gets over-run by the infected
A closed shopping mall – plenty of supplies, a secure location and classic zombie survival venue
The wilderness – I’d buy a first class ticket, get myself to the station then travel in style until I reach the forest where I plan to live off fungus and any small animals I can catch
4. What is a bug out bag?
It’s my complete set of Samonsite luggage, in stylish silver, containing every possible survival item I could ever need, including format dining wear and regimental kilt
It’s an easy to reach bag kitted out to provide you with the essential tools and supplies to make it through the first 48 hours of a zombie outbreak
A wash kit containing 7 different sorts of zombie repellant
It’s a handbag with plenty of those zipped pockets for carrying your essential fashion accessories in
5. What additions to your wardrobe should you make to become a zombie survivalist
Some well-worn in steel toe-cap boots, kick ass shades and a poncho
A pair light polyester trouser suit with matching scarf and hat
A full suit of original medieval amour
Some formal evening wear and a crisp cotton shirt for day time

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