the SCIENTIST quiz
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1. What are Dr Ahmed’s four stages of Zombification
Slight Headache, Bad Breath, Chronic Sarcasm, Walking Dead
Infection, Flu Symptoms, Clinical Death, Zombification Complete
I can only remember that it involves an uncomfortable itching sensation
Infection, Constipation, Chronic Hunger, Big Mac Attack
2. The most important items in my secret research lab are:
A complete set of Spiderman comics from Issue One onwards
The necessary scientific equipment to enable me to create a cure
My well-stocked DVD collection
Some sort of microscope right?
3. Which of the following methods can transmit the zombie virus?
It’s an airborne virus so any proximity or contact with the walking dead
Only a bite, over 60% of zombie infections are caused by bites
Any fluid exchange from a bite or contact with infected blood such as splatter in the eyes etc
Does someone have to do voodoo on you or something like that?
4. The Ministry of Zombies official guidelines for working with ‘live’ zombie specimans includes:
Growing your hair into a mullet and wearing a stained lab coat
Wearing full protective clothing, including safety goggles, at all times
Ensuring that you always look stylish in case someone stumbles upon your secret lab
Wearing rubber gloves and a French beret is prevent accidental infection
5. Is there currently a cure for the zombie virus?
Yeah – take antibiotics twice a day for a week and you’ll be right as rain
No, but I hear that aspirin can slow it down
The zombic condition is caused by a complex RNA virus; we don’t yet have a cure
I should have one finished by the end of the next week

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